Primary Care Mental Health and Education

Primhe is now relaunching itself

The need for mental health education is as great as ever and we are looking to become an active member in this field again. There are new challenges on top of all the previous ones that Primhe represented
  • Benefits changes causing some suicides as well as distress despair and depression.
  • Increasing poverty and its impact on Mental health
  • Domestic and sexual violence as the traumatic underlying causes of Mental health problems
  • Poor support for parents with mental health and addiction problems
  • Poor care in many institutions for the elderly and those with learning difficulties
  • Safeguarding in Primary Care discovering poor inter-agency practice for vulnerable adults as well as for children and young people
  • Siloed working and thinking in many agencies and institutions
  • Carers (both professional and family) having insufficient voice in systems of care
We are looking to recruit new Trustees to enable us to take on some of these issues at our AGM in June 2017 - date to be confirmed

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