Primary Care Mental Health and Education


Primary Care Mental Health and Education (primhe) – a brief history


In 1995 Prof. Andre Tylee, Liz Armstrong, Dr Albert Persaud and Dr Richard Maxwell and others felt that there was a need for a group focused on the brain-mind connection and mental health, modelled on similar Primary Care Societies in diabetes, airways and cardio-heart disease.  This emerging in 1999 as the Primary Care in Mental Health Group (PCiMHG).

Renamed primhe, suggested by Dr David Smart at a National Depression Care Training Centre meeting, the charity was incorporated in June 2001, and run successfully for several years by Dr Chris Manning.

From the first, primhe has focused on a 'bubble-up' (as opposed to top-down) approach to its work, with its key objective to enable and support existing positive practice, practitioners and staff in primary care and community settings.

We continue to work towards abolishing the artificial and non evidence-based divide between physical and mental and brain-mind and body.  In rejecting the outdated view that physical and mental health can be treated separately, we are bringing ‘mental health into the mainstream’.

Our training reflects all of this.  Primhe sponsore education and holds workshops and annual conferences to examine and disseminate best practice in primary care mental health.

Achievements to date include:

  • RCGP Approved MSc (General) Practitioner with a Special Interest in Mental Health September 2010;
  • Accredited module for the Development of Advanced Mental Health Skills in Primary Care (ongoing across the UK);
  • A series of conferences, including the 2010 series of masterclasses in London, Liverpool and Edinburgh - Medically Unexplained Symptoms ... explained;
  • The development of a leading-edge course of Medically Unexplained Symptoms seminars, which are available for treatme
  • A website and discussion board to stimulate discussion and knowledge sharing between professionals and service-users;
  • A database of ‘what works’ – showcasing leading projects and practical examples from over the UK that are making a difference to service users now;
  • Developing local and regional leaders and champions for mental health and wellbeing, and the development of hub-and-spoke networks that support and encourage the development of others.

We invite you to join us to champion and disseminate effective bio-psychological approaches to wellbeing for all.

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