Primary Care Mental Health and Education

About primhe

Primhe believes:

  • in the fundamental uniqueness of each individual;
  • that everyone has the right and ability to achieve wellbeing;
  • in enabling and supporting peoples' maximum potential;
  • that solutions are found at local level, created by communities and driven by champions.  

Primhe works to:

  • Listen to service users and their carers so that services can be designed to meet their needs
  • Ensure all Primary Carers have the core skills to deal with poor wellbeing or mental health issues
  • Provide suitable training for primary carers from experienced primary carers
  • Work with researchers to understand what is effective, whether within NICE guidelines or not
  • Lobby for better teaching of primary care mental health education
  • Measure success through outcomes that matter in people's lives  



GPs, practice nurses and community health workers – primary carers – are dealing with social illnesses with a medical model

People with poor wellbeing or "mental health problems" account for nearly 30% of primary care workload and 90% of such people are dealt with in primary care settings.

All Primary Care Professionals need core skills to deal with people in distress, with, or without, a diagnosis of a mental illness.

We must learn to work in partnership with service users: only by their active engagement and being offered choice with treatment and support can they make significant strides to wellbeing.  In doing so, they become experts in successful outcomes - if we want to improve we must capture their patient experience feedback to improve systems and quality.


Our Values

  • Working with, not doing to
  • Listening
  • Trust
  • Integrity

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